VapLok Closed Solvent Containment System

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1 Solvent Reservoir 2 Waste Container
A Fluid Connections B Air Inlet(1) or Vent(2)

  • A properly sealed solvent reservoir with ventilation control
  • A solvent waste container with secure fluid connections
  • A carbon filter to reduce vapors escaping the waste container
  • A range of Manifold Caps 3, 6, 9 ports
  • Evaporation Control Valve
  • Minimise vapor loss from supply bottles
  • One-way check valves, 2-ay with safety releases

Justrite Waste Cans

  • Saftey Funnels for Justrite cans
  • Antistatic Wires
  • Waste Manifolds

Carboy & Pail Manifolds

  • 3, 6, 9-port manifolds and small bore tubing
  • Cam locks permit quick disengagement
  • Adapt to 83B and 5sB 70mm, 63mm, 61mm and 100-415 carboys and pails

Manifold Stack Units

  • Increase the number of manifold ports by adding a manifold stack
  • Wide-bore PP or PTFE manifold design allows multiple tubing connections with high fluid flow2

Solvent Drum Manifolds

  • Benchtop Manifold

Solvent Vapor Filters

  • Vapor Filter Adaptors

a Complete Range of Solvent & Vapor Handling Accessories

Laboratory & Pilot Plant Solvent


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