Chromatography is the most commonly used method for analyzing chemical compounds
SRI Instruments manufactures Gas Chromatographs (GCs), Liquid Chromatographs (HPLCs),
Chromatography Data Systems, and Hydrogen Generators
SRI Instruments is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gas and liquid chromatographs. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a high level of service and attention that is seldom seen elsewhere these days. When you call SRI, a human being answers the phone on the first ring—no voicemail menus between you and the service you need from our knowledgeable technicians.
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10 Great Reasons to choose Chromalytic AND SRI GC, HPLC, data system, or hydrogen generator:
1. SRI instruments are typically HALF the price of comparable units from other manufacturers.
2. SRI instruments are small enough to ship FedEx/UPS or as airline baggage, and they come in a rugged, re-usable shipping container.
3. Choose from 16 GC detectors, and mount 4, 5, or even 6 on one GC. No one offers more detector choices!
4. Choose from 12 GC injector types, and install up to 5 on one GC. Perform more types of analyses on one GC than you thought possible!
5. The built-in PeakSimple for Windows™ chromatography data system connects to your computer using a serial or USB cable. Software updates are FREE and can be downloaded here.
6. SRI instruments come with a 2 year warranty and free technical support. When you call SRI, you reach a knowledgeable technician immediately, not voicemail. Exchange info with other SRI customers and our technicians on our online troubleshooting forum.
7. Easy hardware upgrades—SRI can install an additional detector or injector on your existing GC in a matter of days.
8. Customization! SRI offers over 1000 possible GC configurations. Name your application!
9. CE, TUV, GS, and NRTL approvals: SRI maufactures all instruments in compliance with EN 61010 standards for laboratory equipment.
10 Chromalytic provides specialist chromatography skills and a diverse range of chromatography products and accessories from both SRI and other leading OEMs
SRI makes four different GC chassis: Models 8610C, 8610D, 410, and 310. We also offer a stand-alone detector chassis, Model 110, for adding detectors to an existing GC.

SRI Instruments

The Model 210D fits easily on your bench or in your vehicle for fieldwork, yet contains everything you need.
SRI PeakSimple data systems simply connect to your laptop or desktop PC with a cable. No boards to install.
SRI's compact, portable hydrogen generators are excellent for GC fieldwork.
Gas Chromatographs are our specialty. Customize one with 16 detector types, 12 injector types, and accessories. Choose from four GC models, and one stand alone detector chassis for use with any make or model GC. Mount four, five, even six detectors on one GC. Mount up to five injectors on one GC. Over 1000 possible custom configurations!
Complete isocratic or binary gradient HPLC systems in one portable chassis. UV and Conductivity detectors included.
For your Windows™ computer: 1, 4, or 6 channel models. Featuring world famous PeakSimple software.
Make your own hydrogen at 50mLs/min at 35psi. One month+ of continuous operation with the Extended Run kit.

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Affordable, Portable Gas and Liquid Chromatographs, Data Systems, and Hydrogen Generators. We specialize in GC customization— name your application!
We specialize in custom gas chromatographs, but we offer many pre-configured GCs for common applications. Each GC includes a built-in PeakSimple data system with software, and connects to your Windows computer with an RS-232 serial cable, or a USB cable.
Environmental GC: PID and FID/DELCD detectors, purge & trap, 60-meter capillary column, on-column injector, 4 channel PeakSimple data system
Equipped for most environmental applications —only $20,995
Environmental GC Systems
Equipped to generate certification quality data for EPA Methods 8021, 8010, 8015, TO-14, and more. PID and FID/DELCD detectors plus purge & trap/air/headspace concentrator— ideal for use in the field or laboratory. Also, see our BTEX GC and TO-14 Air Monitoring GC.
MG#1 basic: TCD detector, 10-port gas sampling valve + loop, MoleSieve and Silica Gel columns, 1 channel PeakSimple data system.
Starting at $9,995
Multiple Gas Analyzer GC Systems for Natural Gas and Fixed Gas Analysis
Pre-configured to perform most requested natural gas and fixed gas analyses. If you are checking natural gas for quality, composition, sulfur content, performing fixed gas analyses or mudlogging, we make a system that will deliver the results without breaking your budget. Check out our MG#1 and MG#2 GCs, BTU GC, Method 25 GC, and Mud-Logging GC.
Teach hands-on gas chromatography with affordable educational GCs from SRI!
Everything you need to teach GC for $4,995-$5,995
Educational GCs
Configured on the ultra compact 310 chassis, our Educational GCs are ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes and graduate research, or for simple industrial applications. There are three types: FID, TCD, and Gas-less™ CCD. Retrofit customization is available following original delivery.
Our four GC chassis models are only the beginning!
The parts and processes that go into creating a custom SRI GC
Build a Custom SRI GC
SRI offers 16 detector types and 12 injector types for installation on one of our four GC chassis types: 8610C, 8610D, 310, or 410. We also make an ultra compact chassis, Model 110, with a heated transfer line for stand alone detectors, injectors, and other custom solutions. Call us today for a free consultation!
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+61 3 9762 2034
Ultra compact GCs that require no compressed gases for operation!
Gas-less GCs
In addition to our Gas-less Educational CCD GC, SRI makes GCs that run without compressed gas cylinders using PID and/or TID detectors. With the H2-50 hydrogen generator, an FID or FID/DELCD detector may be used without gas cylinders. Great for situations where safety and budget concerns rule out the use of compressed gases.
SPME-ready GC systems from SRI
For SPME injection
SPME GC Systems
Ready for solid phase microextraction, this GC comes complete with FID detector and Heated Flash Vaporization injector with SPME liner. Compatible with today's wide variety of available fibers.
Call to inquire about our selection of used GCs for purchase or rent 310-214-5092
Buy used or rent!
ALL SRI products are field portable!
Operate our instruments from the back of your truck!
A re-usable shipping crate comes standard with each SRI chromatograph.
SRI GCs and LCs are designed to be field-portable. All are delivered to you in rugged, re-usable shipping containers that may be shipped UPS or FedEx, and may even be checked as airline baggage.
Model 210D HPLC
Complete Isocratic system for $6,495
Isocratic and Binary Gradient HPLC Systems
A complete, entry-level HPLC in an economical, compact, and rugged package. Excellent for education and quality control. Includes UV and Conductivity detectors, plus a built-in, 1 channel PeakSimple data system (upgradeable to 4 or 6 channels).
Our PeakSimple data systems are built into every SRI GC and LC, and are also available as an external unit for use with other manufacturer's instruments.
Starting at $1,395
Data Systems
PeakSimple chromatography data systems are available in one or four channel serial models, or six channel USB. Built into every SRI GC and LC, and available separately for use with most GCs and HPLCs. Includes PeakSimple chromatography acquisition and integration software for Windows™. PeakSimple is not a stripped-down program. It is fully featured, and powerful yet easy-to-use: click here to learn more about PeakSimple, and click here for a free PeakSimple download!
H2-50 Hydrogen Generator
Operate your FID without a hydrogen cylinder for $2,295
Hydrogen Generators
The H2-50 hydrogen generator produces 50mLs/min at 35psi for 30 hours on 160mLs of grocery store quality distilled water. With the H2-50 Extended Run upgrade kit, you can get one month of continuous hydrogen gas production on one gallon of water— perfect for remote sites and fieldwork.
Choose from 16 different types and combinations of detectors.
Mount up to 4, 5, or even 6 detectors on one GC!
GC Detectors
SRI makes 16 detector types for installation on the chassis of your choice. Up to 4 detectors can be mounted on the 310 and 110 chassis, and 5 or even 6 may be mounted on the 8610C and 8610D chassis. Up to 6 detector signals may be acquired, integrated, and viewed simultaneously with our USB PeakSimple data system.
With the injector choices available from SRI, you can perform an amazing variety of analyses with one GC.
Mount up to 5 injectors on one GC!
GC Injectors
Choose from 12 injector types. Mount up to 5 different injectors on the 8610C and 8610D chassis. Each GC comes standard with an On-column injector, which may be upgraded to a Split/Splitless, PTV, or Heated Flash Vaporization detector.
SRI valves come plumbed and tested in their own heated valve oven.
Standard and custom plumbing configurations
Gas Sampling and Stream Selector Valves
SRI offers 10-port gas sampling valves and 22-port stream selector valves in standard and custom plumbing configurations. Available as automatic or manually actuated, up to three will fit in the heated valve oven on an 8610C or 8610D chassis.
For high throughput and unattended sampling, check out our selection of autosamplers.
Liquid, headspace, and purge & trap autosamplers
GC Autosamplers
SRI has a variety of instruments for your GC autosampling needs. For liquids, we have 110-vial, 42-vial, and 20-vial models. We also have a headspace autosampler, and a 10-position purge & trap autosampler.
External UV and Refractive Index detectors are also available from SRI.
Detectors for LC
and Gel Permeation Chromatograpy
UV and Refractive Index Detectors
SRI manufactures a low cost broadband UV detector that monitors multiple wavelengths between 200nm and 400nm. We also have a Refractive Index detector for most LC needs, including those performing gel permeation chromatography.

SRI — your best buy in chromatography.
Quality chromatographs sold by SRI include free training, free technical support, and free software updates.
Two year warranty on new instruments, One year warranty on used instruments

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